27 September 2014

Off to See the Lemurs...

Finally made my three girls' wish come true--we went to the Duke Lemur Center Thursday.  They have all wanted to go see them for quite awhile.  Fun day!

20 September 2014

Y Princess Helping the Hungry

We attended the Y Guides food pantry recently. The girls all bagged meal packs they were sending overseas.  Definitely a nice production line going.  Of course they loved the hairnets most!

Y Princess Daddy-Daughter Dance Night

Had a great time again with Lucy and the Tribe.  Lots of fun dancing and rocking out in our truck-a-limo!

Myra and Her Soccer

Fall soccer has started!  Myra is playing again for Coach Dirk.  And this year, Assistant Coach Daddy!


So at Fort Caswell we crabbed with an entire chicken leg.  Lucy caught a pretty nice sized one!

Fort Caswell

As a history buff, definitely liked going through the old remains of the fort.  We went through the tunnel you see in the background and learned about the different between brick and earthwork forts.  Very cool!

Hot Day on the Battleship

Attended Lucy's fieldtrip to the NC Battleship and Fort Caswell.  Was a pretty hot day, but we had a great time.  Love my little bug!

Finally got my barstools!

You know I'm loving these!

27 July 2014

Cousins Hanging Out

Me and My Bud Ron Francis Chilling

Aunt Jenny and Cole Come to Visit

Don't Mind if I Do...

Slide N Slide Action

The Point

Loved hanging out at the Point.  It had been a very long time.  Lots of good pics, then we actually met Aunt Cheryl down there too!

Myra Playing

On this trip to PA, we spent some time Downtown.  Fun to walk among the skyscrapers.  Myra liked checking out the fountains in PPG Plaza.

Trip to PA

Another family selfie--this time with Buttermilk Falls in the background near my folks!

Pit Stop at Kings Dominion

The proverbial family shot!
Finally got to stop at Kings Dominion again.  This time on the way to PA.  Lots of good coaster rides, and plenty with the girls!  Lucy and Myra rode a ton, and I did the fast pass to get on some of the big ones fast.
Girls and I on the Scrambler

The Intimidator

Quick Beach Trip

We met up with Mark, Shannon, and the in-laws at the beach this month too.  Very quick trip, especially for me, but had some fun times!!

My Conference

I always wanted to hold an internal PD conference in my district.  This year, we finally went through with it.  What a great success!

US Open

Kerry's Dad got us tickets to the Mens' US Open in Pinehurst last month.  Pretty neat to go and walk through the course.  I was surprised at how close we could get to the golfers at times, like Garcia, Els, and Mickelson.  Hot day, but pretty fun.  Sad that you could not take your phones though, so this is as close as I could get.

New Tires and Wheels

Now I'm driving!

Why We Love Our Neighborhood

This summer instead of block parties, they decided to hold ice cream socials.  They hire an ice cream truck, and everyone can go and get their own ice cream.  Very cool!

Durham Bulls

Got to go to a Bulls game recently with Kerry's team from school.  Fun evening, although definitely not as enjoyable as a Mudcats game.  Girls liked meeting Wool-E-Bull though!

Greenway Almost Connected

I did some reconnaissance recently on the still-under-construction final portion of the Neuse River Trail between the WRAL Soccer Fields and Louisburg Road.  The trail is ready to be paved, and they need to put in a bridge, but they are close.  Then a nonstop path from the Dam to Clayton.  So excited!!!

Swimming With the Tribe

Don't even remember which tribe, but we met at Falls River Pool recently for some tribe swimming.  Myra definitely enjoyed!

05 July 2014

Me and My Little Bug at End of Third Grade

Lucy had her end of year picnic recently.  Pretty hot, but had a good time with my girl!!!

More Pickin'

Different field, same result--lots of berries!

Brier Creek Carnival

Myra, enjoying the carnival.  Yes, her face is painted like a cat.  And Lucy was off with her friend.  They're getting old!

My Wife's Favorite Time of Year

I think she's a little upset that Myra is taking time away from picking to sample her work.

Cleaning Up With Y Guides

Lucy Says 'Enough, Clean Up After Yourselves, People!'
Park clean up day in April with the y Guides was quite productive.  Bags and bags and bags full of trash.  Ew.

It's Been Awhile...

Wow...two months since any posts.  Been very busy, but we will try to get back to it now!

20 April 2014


Ready to Dye Eggs

BurgerFi Selfie!

Me and my girl!

Guess Who Came for Easter?

Yup, Nana and PapPap.  Having a great visit!

More Soccer with Coach Daddy

Myra, getting ready for a scrimmage.  Soccer is getting ready to wind down, but a few more games left.  Myra has decided to try fall soccer.  She may even have an awesome coach, Coach Daddy.