24 March 2014

Our Getaway

Wife kidnapped me and took me up to the Mountains for an anniversary vacation.  GREAT TIME with my wife.  So glad to spend some quality time with her.  Had a GREAT dinner at the Olde Hickory Tap Room, some good beers, some good art appreciation, and lots of laughs.

NC Aboreteum

Went to another Y Princess event with Lucy's tribe at the NC Aboretum.  They had a bunch of events and stations for the girls.  If you read this years later, and we have a nice Japanese Maple, it started here!

Water, Water, Get Your Water...

This year for the Y Princess Spring Outing Chief Challenge patch, we have to do 5 random acts of kindness.  One of the possible choices is to pass out water on a Greenway.  Lucy, Myra, and I joined Myra's tribe on the Neuse River Greenway.  Great time, and so many riders/runners were so appreciative!

Biking Through the River

Since I am not running much these days, I've been doing a lot of biking.  Long rides of 13+ miles.  Mostly on the Greenway.  Went a couple weekends ago and found lots of flooded Greenways.  With all the rain and snow in the mountains, they were letting more water out of the Dam.  So the Neuse flooded the Greenway in a lot of places.  I rode through at first, just a little, then found this long, about 1/4 mile part flooded.  Water up to the top of my tire.  Talk about your good workouts.  I kept peddling so I wouldn't get too wet.  Phew!

Soccer for Myra

Myra started soccer at Y.  She is actually pretty good, probably the 2nd best on the team.  In her game last weekend SHE GOT A GOALLLLL!  So fun to watch.

Here We Go A Munzee-ing

Spent a fun afternoon with girls, deploying and finding some Munzees.  Mommy got a nice rest and we found some great Munzees.

Look What I Got!

Yup, finally got my Nest.  We had our upstairs heat/ac replaced and I got a Nest thermostat.  Cool.  I can control from anywhere.

14 March 2014

New Greenway Addition!

Went to Honeycutt Park yesterday to see how the new Greenway connection was progressing.  By the looks of these pictures, pretty good.  It is going to be a great Greenway when they finish it.  Right now, lots of unpaved trail, and unfinished bridges, but pretty cool.  The tunnel goes under 540, so pretty awesome there.  We did some urban adventuring!

Lucy Defying Gravity

Mini-Spring Break for me, so we have been doing a lot of Staycation events.  Went to Defy Gravity the other day.  Fun place with lots of jumping!

Y Princess Kite Day

Fun day at Carter-Finley last weekend, as we attended Y Guide Kite Day.  Fun!

Myra's Elephant

Myra had to create a 3D animal for school.  Mommy, Myra, and I designed this cute elephant!

Myra Starts Soccer

Myra joined a soccer team at the Y.  She is a Flare.  Pretty good on the team too, maybe second to one other girl.  First game tomorrow, so we will see how she does!

New Sheetz Alert!

Yup, a new close to us Sheetz, right off Litchford.  Pretty nice design, with comfy seating, as the girls show.  First of two pretty close to us these days.

04 February 2014

Myra and Lucyisms

Baby Rosa.  Awesome game they have played for years.  Myra is Baby Rosa and Lucy is the mother.  Baby Rosa gets in to all types of trouble.  Baby Rosa's Christmas.  Baby Rosa Goes Camping.


Seahawks are finally Super Bowl Champs!

26 January 2014


Love this shot!  A nice image of our house!


So maybe only an inch, but we were pretty excited!

She's Got Game!

Lucy has definitely been improving.  She has had some offensive possession, got the ball some.  In her game yesterday she was bringing the ball down and took it to the hole each time, even making a shot.  Getting better!


Biking on the Greenway

Since my heel injury in November (that is STILL not healed), I have been doing lots of biking.  Went on the entire Greenway and you can see the Neuse is pretty high.

Happy Birthday Mini-Russell Wilson

Myra wanted her ears pierced at age 7 like Lucy.  Then she kept asking for Hurricane earrings.  So of course, I had to get them for her!

Big Storm Blows Through

We had a rainstorm blowing through.  I was up in the hockey room when all of a sudden we heard some strong, strong winds, similar to a train---the windows were being pelted with limbs, limbs down everywhere, the neighbor even lost their tree.  Pretty strong, and then in about 30 seconds, it was gone!

Oh Yeah!

Got my Keurig, and now found Sheetz K-cups.  All is well with the world!

Lucy Starts Basketball

When asking the girls what they would like to do next, dancing, sports, etc, Lucy has consistently said basketball.  We finally signed her up for basketball through the Y.  They practice once a week, then have a game on the weekend.  We've been working on some things at home too.  We'll see how it goes!


The girls do the dishes!  Happy 2014 to us!

Thanks for the Tent, Nana!

Bates definitely liked Lily's new tent!

31 December 2013


My Snow Bunny!

How I love her!


Yummy icicles, and playing in the snow with Cole!

Snow in PA

So glad we had a white Christmas in PA!  Had some snow, then Google Auto-Awesomed this pic with more snow!

Merry Christmas!

Biggest Gingerbread EVER!

Myra had a tribe meeting recently where the craft was to decorate these HUGE gingerbread men.  Pretty neat!

Annual Trip to Blue Jay Point

All the cousins, enjoying the 70+ degree weather two days before Christmas.  What a nice time, spending the day at Blue Jay Point.

More Bell Ringing!

Love that we rang the bells for The Salvation Army for the second time this year.  We changed Harris Teeter locations, but still did a pretty good job, with the antlers, cold, dude putting $100 in the kettle, and seeing Kerry's folks.  Good times!

25 December 2013

Pullen Park Holiday Express

No, that's not Santa with the beard, but it's my dad.  Not sure what's up with that!  We did enjoy their visit in December though. We went down to Pullen Park for their Holiday Express.  Very fun!

Lucy's 5K

Lucy had the culminating 5k of her Girls on the Run program recently.  It was a Reindeer Romp, in case you couldn't tell with the red hair and nose.  Kerry actually coached as well, so it was pretty neat.  I got to run with Lucy, and I was quite impressed.  She ran the 5K in 36 minutes (great time for a 9 year old) and was SO excited to have a water stop on the course.  Then her sister Myra put her medal around her neck.  Very special!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Family Selfie!  Girls hyped up on sugar!!

26 November 2013

Straight No Chaser

Quite the date month!  Hurricanes game, Straight No Chaser concert.  Now a movie date for Catching Fire when my folks come.

Straight No Chaser at DPAC was a pretty good show.  We enjoyed ourselves!

Meat for the Dads!

So hot dogs for the girls, and a huge hunk of terayki marinated meat for the dads.  So good!

Camping With Myra

Another weekend, another camping trip.  This time with Myra's tribe.  Fun time!  Lots of good food, good times, and time spent with my Little Bear!

Pretty Sweet Seats, Eh?

So far this year I am 2-0 in Hurricanes games.  And both games were free.  Can't beat free!  Very fun time with Kerry at this game, and SO CLOSE to the action.  Plus we were on tv!!!

Field Trip Dad

I do love the opportunity to go on as many field trips with the girls as I have.  This time I got to meet Lucy (and Kerry!) at Historic Oak View Park as we looked around a farm.  Pretty cool---they got to pick their own cotton, see how it was made into thread, see animals, how they washed and cooked in the day, and other neat things.  Cool!